Therapist Nathan Interial, LPCC


NM license: CCMH0206861

About Me:

Nathan Interial, the founder of Journey of Hope and Courage, LLC. Nathan is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) in the state of New Mexico. My degree is M.S. in Professional Counseling from Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia, and I am certified in RTM Protocol (Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories). The therapeutic relationship is one that requires trust and comfort which can be difficult when thinking about reaching out for help. I want to offer to you a 15-minute meet and greet. My goal is to make counseling a comfortable and open environment to help you to achieve your therapeutic goals. My approach to therapy is to create understanding and honor a client’s experiences by creating an understanding of your struggles in an authentic, and genuine approach to your treatment. Reaching out for help is something that should not be taken for granted. The amount of courage it took for you and others like you to take the first step towards healing. We will work to explore, process, and manage the areas in your life that are weighing you down. The privilege of being in a helping career is you are able to witness and help individuals, couples, and families heal from anxiety, depression, self-worth, trauma, addiction, and life transitions. While everyone should be able to be treated with dignity, respect, and acceptance. As everyone has worth and matters to someone however it can be difficult to see past what is in front of us, to recognize it. If you feel this is you please feel free to reach out.

To help you get to know me a little more. When I am not in the office, I enjoy hanging out with my wife and two kids. You could also find me on a bike ride because there is something calming, and relaxing when I am out on the trails. This is a time to clear my mind and shed the weight of the week. I also truly love to cook and create a dish for my family. While they can be my hardest critics about the food choices put in front of them. I do enjoy the challenge and the reward when dinner is enjoyed by all.

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Journey of hope and courage was created to help people who are struggling with obstacles in their life that are holding them back from reaching their full potential. You may even find yourself believing that your struggles are just something that no one will understand, or you may even be judged if you were to begin expressing them to someone. Please know that you don't have to walk alone on this journey. Creating Journey of hope and courage, I find and believe that hope for a better and fulling life is key no matter how big or how small that hope is. It also will take a lot of courage for you to walk the journey of healing and to become an overcomer of your past.

Through this journey of creating and building a private practice, I have realized that I allow comfort, fear, and the worry of the unknown to hold me back from achieving goals in both my professional and personal life. However, the one thing that keeps me overcoming these things is the hope to see lives changed for the better and the impact that one person can make on the people around them. I have started this practice to help clients in receiving the care that they want and deserve. So please don’t hesitate to contact me and see if we can assist you in your journey to wellness.

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Helping people reach their full potential is one of my passions and goals in therapy. In life, we have people who enter seasons of our life. These people can leave us in a worse or better condition than before they entered our life. My hope as your therapist is to enter a season of your life to help stand against what culture and/or your experience may have led you to believe and/or define who you are.

I want you to know that I do not see a person whose qualities are defined by the experiences and struggles they are going through. You are a person who has been impacted by life but there is more to you than what is causing hurt, and pain in your life. You can hold unlimited potential once you start to believe that you are able to achieve it. While I know peeling back layers of hurt, negative thoughts, and feelings is not an easy and comfortable thing for anyone to do. This does not mean that you must peel back the layer in a begrudgingly or uncomfortable way. My approach to helping you is to use empathy, compassion, acceptance, and light-heartedness in session to shed these layers that are weighing you down. For me, when you are reaching the end of therapy, looking back and seeing the person that first entered into the session, and then being able to identify how your journey has created the changes you have strived for and achieved. This is one of the greatest joys and something you and everyone deserves to experience.