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Journey of Hope and Courage, LLC is considered a private practice that is considered an out-of-network provider. Depending on your plan you may receive full, partial, or no reimbursement, so we recommend you contact your insurance about your plan and ask them about your out-of-network benefits.  Hopefully, your experience is better than this:

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What To Expect from your First Session:

 The first and most important part of the initial session is to build trust and connection with one another. We will review the intake paperwork as it is important that you and I understand the commitment to your journey of healing and the therapeutic relationship. We will walk through an assessment that will help me to build a better understanding of the struggles you are facing through questions about your current situation and life history.  The most important area that will be covered, is the area that is currently affecting your well-being. Since a session is approximately 53 minutes, the first session is one that is packed full of information to help me create an understanding of who you are and the hurts that are impacting your well-being. Your next appointment will be scheduled during your initial session for a later date and time.